…the basics of voter education



The V.A.P. strongly supports the idea of people knowing who (and what) they are voting for. With that said, we offer a super-simplistic model to which all elected officials should be juxtaposed (placed against).  We call this the 3P model – Platform, Promise, Plan. It,  pretty much, it is what it sounds like.

1. PLATFORM – What is the broad umbrella under which the candidate is running? Is it social reform, educational, economic, infrastructure? What is the basic classification of this person’s candidacy?

2. PROMISE– After the candidate’s platform is established, they MUST possess bulleted points and specific objectives in direct correlation to the aforementioned platform. What overall indicators (economic, demographic, logistical, etc.) does said candidate propose to move, in-keeping with his/her proposed platform? In a few words – how does one propose to use the current system to push his/her platform?

3. PLAN – How is the candidate going to keep all of these promises? What levers does he/she plan to move/manipulate to keep his/her promise (proposed action within outlined duties of desired position), which will, consequently, move the aforementioned indicators outlined in his/her promise, which will, in turn, promote the candidate’s proposed platform?

This model follows an absolutely logical, no-nonsense progression of thought, and its application and efficacy transcends politics.



You, the voter MUST fully understand the structure and function of the political system in which you are participating. It is imperative that you know the rights, responsibilities, duties, and LIMITATIONS of the offices upon which you are voting. Know what political office controls what resource, what referendum will bring about what desired effect. In few words…KNOW THE LAWS THAT GOVERN YOU. This is the EASIEST way to sniff out a LIAR in politics –  if said candidate is promising something outside the purview and reach of his/her prospective office, they are LYING to you, and an educated voter does not have to accept that!

Now, there is a level of discernment necessary in electing a politician: the recognition of a certain set of intangible factors that, when used in proper proportions, can bring an energy and PARTICIPATION from the electorate that cannot be accounted for with our 3P Model, or any other evaluative methods. The candidate must not only express the proper ideas, but must also possess a requisite enthusiasm which is vital when proposing to BE A LEADER.




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