Mayoral Candidates




The 2015 Montgomery, Alabama Mayoral race hosts a diversity of candidates with a variety of viewpoints and objectives. Stay logged in to our site, and favorite this page, for up-to-date information on all of the candidates and happenings of this campaign.



Todd Strange

Incumbent Todd Strange – the presiding mayor is taking a traditional approach to his re-election campaign: run-of-the-mill, production-quality ads that tout his accomplishments, and mitigate his mistakes, of the last four years. The agenda of his administration has been in question for the duration of his tenure as mayor-peppered with innuendo and questions about his spending of the municipal budget, as well as the criteria administered when awarding construction contracts. Some say cronyism at best, outright criminality, at worst.

Ella Bell

State School Board member Ella Bell- the lack of visibility, as well as the absence of a clear, cogent platform and plan-of-action upon election are an Achilles’ heel for the well-intended, but absolutely out-classed candidacy of Ella Bell. She has established a platform of economic development (especially in the underserved areas of Montgomery), as well as trade school-employer interaction for better-fit employment from the indigenous base. This is a noble,  yet ignored platform for mayor, due it’s unpopularity and apathy from the affected areas. If she wants more than the couple-of thousand votes that she gets for the lower positions for which she runs, there must be a gargantuan increase in presence and presentation for the final month before the general election.

Buena Browder

Political newcomer Buena Browder- virtually invisible in this 2015 Montgomery, Alabama Mayoral Race. Disorganization, as well as the abuse of catch-phrases and non-substantives, have all-but disqualified her from serious consideration. The current political climate begs for a genuine approach from a non-insider, but functional knowledge of how to mass-communicate one’s message, as well as having a clear message, and a plan to keep one’s campaign promises, are bare-minimum prerequisites to a successful mayoral race.

Artur Davis

Former Congressman Artur Davis- similar to his fellow professional politician on the ballot, Todd Strange, Artur Davis has a documented history of below-board dealings, as well as an overall disconnect with his indigenous base. (explaining his defection to the Republican Party). His experience in a climate larger than local-level elections, as well as faithful republican backing, at least afford him the appearance of respectability and competence, juxtaposed to others, in this race.  He was heard on a local radio station, clumsily addressing the education / job-requirement disparity, when he stated that he would establish “employment training centers” in these underserved areas. I think Mr. Davis was referring to SCHOOLS….we have those already.

Dan Harris

County Commissioner Daniel Harris-another well-intended novice who has had great difficulty, but increasing success, making people even remember his name, due to his inexperience and previous lack of a cohesive vision, or plan of action. As of July 20, he announced a topical platform, consisting of economic development, as well as reform of education reform. With that, he seems to have a beat on the hot-button issues of the city. His proposal begs for a detailed plan, and delivery thereof places him in serious contention, and close to the front of this diminished field of candidates. His media efforts must be greatly multiplied to be a serious threat to the incumbent.